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Throwback: OBRA

MANILA, Philippines – The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity of the UP College of Medicine presented “Obra: An Exhibit,”a benefit show featuring works by differently abled artists, at the Museum of a History of Ideas, UP Manila.

The show, which was part of a larger project called “ObraX: Extraordinary Art by Extraordinary People” whose advocacy revolved around the promotion of the many capabilities of the differently abled, featured 40 paintings made by abled artists Nice So, Christopher Solis and Association of Mouth and Foot Painters (AMFPA) representatives Jovito Sasutona, John Feruelo and Amado Dulnuan.

Dr. Gregorio T. Alvior Jr., an alumnus of the UP College of Medicine, opened the exhibit. He was joined by alumni brothers Dr. Ruter Maralit, Dr. Jose Alvin Mojica, and Dr. Rafael Bundoc with Dr. Josephine Bundoc.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Copernico Villaruel Jr., an active supporter of the arts, said disability must not limit a person’s achievements.

In a silent auction, guests bid on their favored pieces. Through their paintings, these abled artists were instrumental in reaching out to the pediatric patients of UP-PGH with hearing impairment. Three members of the AMFPA also attended a live exhibition of their talent in mouth and foot painting.

Vell Baria, a singer with autism, performed Mutya ng Pasig in the interim. She was also part of “Reverb: Echoing Awareness through the Arts,” a concert featuring the differently abled, still under “ObraX.”

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Date Retrieved: 16 June 2016

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Throwback: Autism-Inclusive “Lupang Hinirang”

Vell’s notes:

“After my little time at NSSH, it’s about time to get challenged since the venue is so hard to find and very unfamiliar in my map. Asking a jeepney driver for directions and got myself to be a fast thinker and got to be early for it. Meeting with other PWAs, I got to get my hair fixed and my dress prepared well. When is about my time, I got myself to have my parts well performed. Got my sediments from my album in FB here:

in a Filipiniana attire and in a cute backdrop 😀

taping my parts with confidence inspite of mistakes … I was given chances to perfect the whole 3 parts 😀


After my take, I talked to Maam Gina Bermudo about our future collaboration. After that, I got to talk to one of the participants named Miko whom I’ve asked him for a mobile number and gave him mine as well. Me and him left the building with a goodbyes. Me myself got to indulge for a taxi ride to Taguig by accident. I have to pay a $10 (Php 120.00) for the whole trip from Evangelista to Taguig (Market Market) in which I was so adorned with such sales for shoes to a cheap longsleeved top. I also got to have my early dinner before leaving the mall. I got lost but the least, I got 2 jeep rides to my home and I went home safe at last”


For the 2015 Angels Walk for Autism, the trustees and volunteers took on the challenge of innovating on an event “standard”. ASP Chair Emeritus Dang Koe directed the green-screen filming and the post-prod. The parents and the individuals with autism who shared their Sunday morning were a big part of our success — thank you to Mikhail Dangcal, Chasina Dangcal, Gio Danniel Koe, Sean Espinili, Kenrick Albert Cheng, Michael Almendrala, Nicholas Bermundo, Adrian Carlo Adviento, Andrea Alviso, Jose Rey Angelo So, Christian Taclendu, Patrick Louie So, Rodrigo Luis Recto, Neil Iversen Pajaron, Ezra Buzcano, Michael Victor Ramos, Vell Baria, Franco Cagayat and Thara Marie Santiago and Vell Baria.

And what do you get when you mix a room full of kids with autism and a production team keen on making a brave new rendition of “Lupang Hinirang”? Something EPIC.

Date Created: 29 January 2015 (

Date Retrieved: 16 June 2016

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Throwback event: ARTISMO 2015

Vell’s notes:

After my winning stint to both Paligsining ng mga Batang May K” and “Kundiman sa Makati” winning first places, I was once invited by the Autism Society of the Philippines via phone call by Tita Peng So while having my grocery at Landmark discussing also my appearance to sing Lupang Hinirang for the official ASP’s Audio Visual Presentation for the National Anthem. She also told me that they’ve heard that I’ve won in the Kundiman contest in Makati.

Speaking of Artismo, I was once tapped by the Maam Peng So to sing instead for the Closing Ceremony/Artismo last January 31, 2015. In preparations to this, while in St. Scho Music building preparing for another class, I was already in search and preparing of the 4 Filipino art songs or “Kundiman” we all pinoys called, by recording minus ones of it in a piano accompaniment in which was done by my regular accompanist Ms. Judy Tan and recorded via my tablet and did a mixing touches for my own preferences.

The Artismo event begins,  I got myself fixed up and prepared for the an-hour event, The emcee herself named Maam Lilet Lavina was so happy on my presence and was so happy to hear my singing and my captivating stage presence. As I sang my first song “Mutya Ng Pasig” (my winning piece) I feel myself being a champion and a mega star in my own right. After that, they were in awe and did their standing ovation with much passion and support in which I’m proud of. While the art exhibit showcase began, I sang 3 remaining  kundiman songs “Ano Kaya Ang Kapalaran”, “Ang Maya” and “Sa Kabukiran” while they’re enjoying the arts of each autistic individuals with a heart of being an artist, painter and a photographer.

From the bottom of my heart, I may be a non regular for ASP but never fails to inspire people with my time and talent. Thanks to ASP Family who believed in me inspite of such challenging roads in the past as an ASP regular. To Maam Peng who never failed to encourage me to perform for the ASP events especially for this formal event in which was my preference as a performer too.


The National Autism Consciousness Week culminated with “Artismo: Kulay at Himig ng Autismo”, celebrating the artistry of young adults with autism at The Podium in Ortigas last 31 January 2015. The Atrium was transformed into an art gallery featuring the visual art of JA Tan, Thomas Perez Diaz and the PWAs of ASP Baguio.

Despite the string of events that week, the leadership of the Autism Society Philippines and supporters came to the event in their Filipiniana best, a fitting honor to the young people with autism who have inspired our 26-year old advocacy.

The autism-inclusive Philippines National Anthem opened the event, followed by a solemn prayer from one of our featured artists Thomas Perez Diaz. Hon. Carmen Zubiaga, NCDA Executive Director, welcomed the guests and gave a perspective on how the week has made an impact not just on the cause of those with autism; but of other marginalized PWDs.

Ms. Mona Magno-Veluz, ASP National President then introduced the credentials of the featured visual artists JA Tan and Thomas Perez-Diaz who both garnered a standing ovation from the appreciative crowd. Ms. Vell Baria, a young lady with autism garnered much admiration for her rendition of traditional Filipinos songs. Ms. Lilet Lavina emceed the morning’s affair.

The Autism Society Philippines Baguio chapter gave special recognition, not only to their pool of talented photographers; but also the angels who have helped ensure the success of ASP’s Colors of A Spectrum Workshop over the years — Mr. Ompong Tan, Mr. John Chua, Canon Philippines and SM Cares.

The “Artismo: Ang Kulay at Himig ng Autismo” ran from January 31 to February 1, 2015 at The Podium, Atrium.

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Date retrieved: 16 June 2016