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[Archived] My ANCA Ambassadress Speech!



I may be too late to post this but it’s not too late to share how happy and nervous I am.

I am happy because I already fulfilled my dream to be one of the ambassadors and my main tactic here is to act like a president who is always there to support.

I’m nervous because we cannot afford the expenses on going to regional countries in which I was so interested with in which I will give concerts as part of my ambassadorial commitments. Hoping for a sponsor to be financially assisted in the coming regional and the generalized autism fest as well.

Of course to fulfill my dream in becoming a radio DJ for an autism related show where songs are about autism and special needs in general.

Speaking of international trips, I was motivated to take up Diplomacy as my second course minor in voice I which I was inspired to be the first autistic politician (or Member of Parliament / senator-congresswoman in the future) in my country as I also follow the footsteps of my favourite politicians.

To ANCA family, you’re the real reason why I molded into an independent yet loving person. But will learn more..until I get it. Again, thank you for trusting me and my effort as well.

– Vell

Date Written: October 17, 2016

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[Archived] Inreach PWD Acknowledgement



December 16 is the birthday of my beloved Grandma.. Then the day I gave a talk about my struggles and success as a person with autism including my back to back wins in 2014 and this year.. I also gave two songs of relevance to PWDs (Mary, Did You Know and Flashlight) to complete the line up. Inspired by my previous talk in 30minutes for Ashes to Beauty in 2015, I came to give a sequel on that as well by including two Bible verses related to a PWD’s life and optimism.

Thank you Alyssa Mercado and ICBM for inviting me for your short but memorable PWD gathering and to Sir Sanchez (NCDA) for also listening and welcoming my share especially doing my solo concert in the future if this will be pursued. Also to the sign language choir who showcased their sign language talent. To ICBM president Christian… You’re extremely humble and accommodating and very clever with a heart.. Keep on doing your role and be an inspiration to PWDs around the campus.

I also thank the ICBM girls who helped me providing the transport back and fort.

This talk helped me not only to transition myself as a community achiever but also a transition to become a consultant to PWDs in musical etiquettes and socialization (soon to be) in my country. I hope to give a speech to the United Nations Congress as a way of promoting special needs awareness and acceptance and to educate people who are very hesitant to us PWDs by doing this. I also wish to continue giving talks and workshops locally and abroad.

I also dreamed to be called a community achiever not only for being a performer but because I was seen by many people who witnessed the inner diplomat in me especially in the PWD leading the community with what I stand for and what I wanted the community’s outcome would be with my optimistic skills and positive principles.

Again, thank you to those PWD audience who not only listens to my words of knowledge but also nurtured them with passion and commitment.

– sgd. Vell Baria
Performer (Singer-Recording Artiste-Songwriter, Actress), Plus size Model, Voice Pedagogue, and Self Advocate for Autism Awareness and soon to be a diplomat.


Date written: December 20, 2016

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Happy International Women’s Day!

From women’s suffrage for their rights of voting and workforce to producing female world leaders to military workplace, I have nothing more to say that women are more liberated and active with their way of improving the world by storm. We women are the force of nature in changing the world’s direction to rightful paths that will propagate in the coming years. Isn’t it so beautiful to hear it my sisterhood?!!

As a woman myself, I embrace things that I didn’t taste as a young girl. Like embracing my body image, positive energy that comes within my system and the freedom of getting to know myself better with adventurous challenges. However I may be growing older as I aged, I kept my mantra in mind much like what I’ve watched in a Spongebob Squarepants episode where Mrs. Puff (she’s also a woman herself) said this mantra to Spongebob – “Eyes on the road, there is nothing but the road” where I found it very interesting that there is nothing but the road of destiny. A destiny that keeps us updated on what’s happening to our surroundings and in our living, even a mother will tell you that in her ways of speaking by her heart or a grandmother speaks to you about the waves of history about their lives as a young woman or a Catholic nun from a monastery will show you the kind of love that God has given us as a woman.

What about women in the society, what do we observe? what do we see? what is new? what it best? what is worst? what improvements we should give out of worst scenarios? There are no wrong answers! It’s our own opinions, we cannot control their minds to answer those questions. In my opinion, I observe the optimistic charms of women in the society as I saw many women who are in many walks of life. What’s new is we are free in doing things we want to do especially travelling the world, meeting new people and most of all personalizing our simple way of living-in other words, practicality. However, what is best for it was we already gained the blessing we wished to have for how many years. You know what it is my sisters? Name your favors-that’s our right to lead the world to a better place. On the flip side, some of women experience worst situations like health issues to relationship issues. To solve that, to make them moved on from those worst scenarios is to ponder themselves by doing happy things that made them forget those problems especially that stressed themselves out.

Leading the world with a happy tune is their way of contributing! What about that? I admired tons of women who are into leadership careers especially in the political career. If you asked me whom I admire? Well I have plenty of ’em~ I’ll name one that everyone is familiar – Miss Piggy (not kidding here) … for being feminine and talented to make people laugh and inspired with her divalicious acts, even if she’s just a puppet, she’s there to make me happy every time I hear her singing and does her sketch comedy especially to Kermit the Frog (her prince in disguise) … However, so much for that ..

To end my long statement, Remember that every woman is attractive regardless of their body image, appearance and they’re way of handling their confidence! Also, women are the future of change … yes, you’ve heard it right! future of change .. so guys, you are obliged to treat us women with respect as we faithfully respect you!

Again, Happy International Women’s Day my sisters!

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Cover Files: Aida Garifullina Tribute

Good day! This will be my first “tribute artist” recording of the year since I’ve been planned to do it for how many times.. I have recorded two good songs from the Russian soprano Aida Garifullina who provided vocals of “Bell Song” for the recent movie “Florence Jenkins” movie where the legendary actress (a trained operatic singer) Meryl Streep portrayed the title role who is a socialite, a pianist and a singer who tried her luck in singing on key especially singing high notes without being too hard!

Going back to the cover tribute, I’ve listened to two of her songs; “Forte” (written by Walter Afanasieff) and Ptica Belaja (White Bird) (Written by Igor Krutoy) and did a deep internalization on both songs as if I’m singing much like Judy Garland infront of many people while listening and singing it if it’s fully sure on the notes.

This time, I’ll share my audio video cover of those two lovely songs and it’s insights on both songs and why do I love these songs.. 🙂

Click on those links below:

Аида Гарифуллина – Птица Белая / Aida Garifullina – Ptica Belaja (Cover by Vell Baria)

I felt in love singing this Russian song because of it’s melody and the song’s structure. This song reminds me of a lover who has committed to see her love outside her grand mansion where her father is very hesitant and reluctant to her lover who travels from outside world. In the end, she is the white bird that losts her love and has ended up suffering the worst tragedy of her life (based on my understanding of the song’s musical structure).

Vell Baria – Forte (Aida Garifullina cover) (AUDIO)

“Forte” is sung in Italian in which was a must for classical singers like me! I came to sing this song with much conviction after I imagined myself singing with a grand orchestra while listening to Aida’s recording of this great lovely song in which it has much of a “Con te Partiro” kind of moment because of it’s drum beat! However this song talks about unconditional love.

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Cover Files: Motivation of recording a cover version of Samra’s “Miracle”

Upon recording this Azerbaijan’s entry “Miracle” by Samra speaks something in my heart. It is about the miracle after the worst past has affected in my everyday life especially being hurt by someone due to insecurities. Prior to recording my cover version of this song, first and foremost – I listened to the original singer’s version and relate myself into it.

Since the song was about her past lover who broke her heart and wanted to have a fresh start by taking a miracle to start her life anew without any harm.

During my recording process, I have to learn the parts at the same time since I commonly recorded my songs infront of my PC and it’s innovative in my part and I have the right to control what I have to control interms of audio mixing processing.

While recording this song, I put additional harmonious voices to call it an “alarming call” to have a miracle right to the song. In other words, I’ll put heart into it first before vocals. I also added an extra adlib to the final chorus to have it a chant like structure.

Over all, I loved the outcome of the recording and it’s worth the repetition too. Listen to my cover version of Samra’s Miracle here:

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Cover Files: Tamia’s “Loving You Still” featured at a Sampaguita Nation article.

Sampaguita Nation (an inclusive purely Pinoy article) features new and emerging artist to promote their craft in the music as future OPM stars. 

Vell’s cover version of Tamia’s “Loving You Still” was featured in their month-end article with other well known and indie artists including Andrea Brillantes, Ataska Mercado, Alfa and John Cadelina.

(the excerpt of the article were Vell was featured)

First off the list is the Filipina Queen of YouTube covers, Vell Baria with her cover of Tamia’s “Loving You Still”.

Vell’s rendition remains as soulful as ever and it’s definitely a worthy tribute to the original version of the song. It is also worthy to note that Vell is the 2016 INAP nominee for Performing Arts (Adult) and with the quality of her talent, she’s definitely very worthy to win that category for the Philippines!

To read the whole article click here:

Special thanks: Sampaguita Nation Family

Date accessed: July 31, 2016

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Throwback: OBRA

MANILA, Philippines – The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity of the UP College of Medicine presented “Obra: An Exhibit,”a benefit show featuring works by differently abled artists, at the Museum of a History of Ideas, UP Manila.

The show, which was part of a larger project called “ObraX: Extraordinary Art by Extraordinary People” whose advocacy revolved around the promotion of the many capabilities of the differently abled, featured 40 paintings made by abled artists Nice So, Christopher Solis and Association of Mouth and Foot Painters (AMFPA) representatives Jovito Sasutona, John Feruelo and Amado Dulnuan.

Dr. Gregorio T. Alvior Jr., an alumnus of the UP College of Medicine, opened the exhibit. He was joined by alumni brothers Dr. Ruter Maralit, Dr. Jose Alvin Mojica, and Dr. Rafael Bundoc with Dr. Josephine Bundoc.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Copernico Villaruel Jr., an active supporter of the arts, said disability must not limit a person’s achievements.

In a silent auction, guests bid on their favored pieces. Through their paintings, these abled artists were instrumental in reaching out to the pediatric patients of UP-PGH with hearing impairment. Three members of the AMFPA also attended a live exhibition of their talent in mouth and foot painting.

Vell Baria, a singer with autism, performed Mutya ng Pasig in the interim. She was also part of “Reverb: Echoing Awareness through the Arts,” a concert featuring the differently abled, still under “ObraX.”

Date Created: 25 May 2015 (

Date Retrieved: 16 June 2016