The story of the talented star was born. (1995-2000)

Vell Baria was born on Thursday, March 9, 1995 in Pasay City, Manila, to a low working class self-employed parents. Vell lived with both her father and mother, has an paternal twin brother and 2 younger sisters. According to both of her parents, Vell diagnosed autism at the age 3. Living with autism spectrum disorder, she said that this wasn’t curable for her. She did not learn to speak Tagalog until she had already begun perform Tagalog songs. Her native languages were Tagalog and English of her parents and raised speaking those both languages.

In her childhood age, Vell’s dream in life is unknown. At first, she doesn’t know her what her dream is when she grew up. But long after listening to singers of her era probably OPM music, she realized that this is her true line of intelligence. She also loved dancing as well. She has also stated that showing her hidden skills and approaching different types of people and can express her emotions and relates the concepts strongly to other people. As a child, Vell was a playful and imaginative child who discovered a passion for music by the age of 3, loved to read, theater and movies. Her original intention was to become a photographer or a politician but turned her attention to acting and singing by accident.

Grade school education, as a novice actress-singer, small beginnings (2001-2007)

As she entered grade 1, she study in special school BMAC – Behavioral Management for Autistic Children (2002-2005) and studied Kindergarten at the Inner Wheel’s Club of the Philippines where she started her career in theater. As a kindergarten pupil, she has strong interest in music after watching Blues Clues and Aawitan Kita (I’ll Serenade You). In her special school days, Vell started studying languages, arts, along with playing piano, singing, and performing in a theater at the age of 6. While at BMAC, Vell worked as an actress at the age of 6, Vell joined with her manager Shanti Kilduff after she spotted her exceptional singing talent. She staged many of her productions around Vell as the center piece and later on she became her longtime manager and mentor in which she starred in musical plays on Christmas Play in productions such as “A Message From Me” and “Disney Princesses and performed in a wide variety of roles, performed in numerous concerts but remains her native talent as an actress in which Vell had become a proficient actress. Whilst an actress, She decided to become a singer by age 7, Vell performed many times on stage. As a little girl she sang in the well-known seminars held by both non-profit organization and by her special school. She has modeled in advertisements for UNICEF Education and Scholarship in 2003 sponsored by ABS CBN Foundation.

Whilst a Kindergarten student, Vell took part piano lessons at the age of 6 and appeared on the television show “Unang Hirit” where she sang a song from Filipino pop singer Carol Banawa and was educated at the Makati Elementary Public school in which she continues her studies at the age of 7 and was a graduate of both elementary and high school of St. Mary’s Academy of Sta. Ana Manila, an institution run by Catholic nuns in Sta.Ana, Manila. Although encouraged by a bright start, she was a below average student. During her elementary years there, as a member of a theater organization called “Munting Tanghalan,” (Little Theater Club) she studied acting with Elmer Ariola as a Grade 2 student and Vell sang as a psalmist in her first communion as a grade 3 student. The eleven-year-old Vell took singing lessons, sang in the school choir during masses held in her school, extra-curriculum activities and even entertained thoughts of becoming a star. In addition to her schooling, Vell took part in home activities such as bible studies.

High school education (2008-2012), challenges, troubled life to changes.

In her first year high school, Vell’s passions were made wider and easier by her wide knowledge of languages; and has instinctive talent for languages and went on to speak fluent French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian in all which she learned it by self study thru the internet when she was only 14 years old. Above all, she is conversant in German and learned it by watching different TV commercials. Upon admiration to Jpop music, She spoke some Japanese when she was a child, but eventually forgot it later in her life above all of her activities, Vell is also a psalmist for her school’s mass as a first year student.

As a Second year student, she joined all girl vocal band ASP Dreamgirls where she often sang soprano parts and adlibs. During her stay with the music group, Vell secretly suffered severe fever, homesickness, overwork, depression, and exhaustion as a result of staying in Laguna. Vell also suffered mismanagement, deprivation of sleep, many endured various levels of torture like life-threatening mental torture. She was known to be wild and restless during her third year high school and left the group on November 2011 to concentrate more on her schooling and solo singing career. In spite of her departure in the group, she is still friends with the music group. She has admitted that she ran out of invitations since the last quarter of 2011.

As a Fourth Year high school student, she joined and soon became president of “Young Musicians Association”. During her fourth year days, she was also subjected to jealousy by others as she was well-known locally. Vell was mentally bullied by a group of her peers who mistook her for popularity in campus (also known as the Campus Favorite). As a result, she ended up not being home schooled that year and one of the teachers praised her from being stronger and respectful to the peers. Vell became involved and active in singing classical music whilst a high school student. It was also in high school where she performed her very first Kundiman song “Sa Kabukiran” by Sylvia La Torre, which is now her primary genre.

As a student from St. Mary’s Academy of Sta. Ana Manila, Vell was the first and only autistic student to receive the Best In Singing and Best In Acting award in 2004 and Most Active Club Member 5 times and was the first and only non-honor student to receive the Most Active award in consecutive 5 years. Baria finished both her Grade School and High School with honors at the St. Mary’s Academy in Manila and became an accomplished concert singer in 2002.

College education (2012-2015), new career paths, other ventures.

Currently, She took up Diploma in Music Performance Majoring in Voice Principle at St. Scholastica’s College, since she was skilled at singing and left college in 2015 after an advice of a teacher not to continue a full music course for it’s poor academic performance but encouraged her to focus on studying fully on voice without academics. If she’s off stage, Vell started her recording habit since 2011 for her youtube, soundcloud, myspace and onepoint.fm accounts as well. Vell is currently a Continuing Education in Music Performance Student (a non degree course without academics) Major in Voice principle.