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Cover Files: Motivation of recording a cover version of Samra’s “Miracle”

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Upon recording this Azerbaijan’s entry “Miracle” by Samra speaks something in my heart. It is about the miracle after the worst past has affected in my everyday life especially being hurt by someone due to insecurities. Prior to recording my cover version of this song, first and foremost – I listened to the original singer’s version and relate myself into it.

Since the song was about her past lover who broke her heart and wanted to have a fresh start by taking a miracle to start her life anew without any harm.

During my recording process, I have to learn the parts at the same time since I commonly recorded my songs infront of my PC and it’s innovative in my part and I have the right to control what I have to control interms of audio mixing processing.

While recording this song, I put additional harmonious voices to call it an “alarming call” to have a miracle right to the song. In other words, I’ll put heart into it first before vocals. I also added an extra adlib to the final chorus to have it a chant like structure.

Over all, I loved the outcome of the recording and it’s worth the repetition too. Listen to my cover version of Samra’s Miracle here:


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