Vell Baria

Cover Files: Tamia’s “Loving You Still” featured at a Sampaguita Nation article.

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Sampaguita Nation (an inclusive purely Pinoy article) features new and emerging artist to promote their craft in the music as future OPM stars. 

Vell’s cover version of Tamia’s “Loving You Still” was featured in their month-end article with other well known and indie artists including Andrea Brillantes, Ataska Mercado, Alfa and John Cadelina.

(the excerpt of the article were Vell was featured)

First off the list is the Filipina Queen of YouTube covers, Vell Baria with her cover of Tamia’s “Loving You Still”.

Vell’s rendition remains as soulful as ever and it’s definitely a worthy tribute to the original version of the song. It is also worthy to note that Vell is the 2016 INAP nominee for Performing Arts (Adult) and with the quality of her talent, she’s definitely very worthy to win that category for the Philippines!

To read the whole article click here:

Special thanks: Sampaguita Nation Family

Date accessed: July 31, 2016


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