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Throwback: OBRA

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MANILA, Philippines – The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity of the UP College of Medicine presented “Obra: An Exhibit,”a benefit show featuring works by differently abled artists, at the Museum of a History of Ideas, UP Manila.

The show, which was part of a larger project called “ObraX: Extraordinary Art by Extraordinary People” whose advocacy revolved around the promotion of the many capabilities of the differently abled, featured 40 paintings made by abled artists Nice So, Christopher Solis and Association of Mouth and Foot Painters (AMFPA) representatives Jovito Sasutona, John Feruelo and Amado Dulnuan.

Dr. Gregorio T. Alvior Jr., an alumnus of the UP College of Medicine, opened the exhibit. He was joined by alumni brothers Dr. Ruter Maralit, Dr. Jose Alvin Mojica, and Dr. Rafael Bundoc with Dr. Josephine Bundoc.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Copernico Villaruel Jr., an active supporter of the arts, said disability must not limit a person’s achievements.

In a silent auction, guests bid on their favored pieces. Through their paintings, these abled artists were instrumental in reaching out to the pediatric patients of UP-PGH with hearing impairment. Three members of the AMFPA also attended a live exhibition of their talent in mouth and foot painting.

Vell Baria, a singer with autism, performed Mutya ng Pasig in the interim. She was also part of “Reverb: Echoing Awareness through the Arts,” a concert featuring the differently abled, still under “ObraX.”

Date Created: 25 May 2015 (

Date Retrieved: 16 June 2016


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